Tuesday, January 6, 2015

October 6, 2014

Hello everyone,

Wow what a week. 
I can’t believe how fast time is going by and that I've already been out for a month.
This week was one for the books.

Tuesday was just sweet.  We had our monthly training and when we got there we realized that we were going to be watching Meet The Mormons.  My mission president is unreal and knows that you cant watch a movie without popcorn and drinks so all the senior missionary's made us popcorn and stuff which was just awesome and added to the experience.  The movie was just AMAZING!  I would lie if I didn't say that I cried several times.  It was just perfect and will hopefully change people perspectives on Mormons.  The spirit was so strong and it just made me love my mission even more.

Wednesday- my comp is struggling a little bit and wanted to go on an exchange with one of our zone leaders so that he could learn how to be a better trainer and missionary.  This defiantly was an answer to my prayers.  My comp is awesome and I love him but sometimes I feel like I’m training myself.  For the exchange I got to go with Elder Ben Patch for 24 hours.  Holy cow we were made for each other, he is a 6'8" black guy from Provo Utah!  He plays volleyball for BYU and started as a freshman.  He is one of the members of the USA National volleyball team and is just an amazing kid.  But more importantly he is such an amazing missionary.  I learned so much from him. 

We started off the day with tracting.  I haven't been I huge fan of tracting because i just wasn't very good at it.  He taught me to just be myself at the door and not be a robot.  It helped so much and I am having much better luck. Then we got special permission to go play volleyball with a guy from the OSU volleyball team and some of his friends.  It was so fun and I loved it.  We even got to share a little message about our church after.  He also taught me a ton about studying and daily planning.  It was so fun to be with him and I learned a ton.

Thursday was just a normal day but I did get a new investigator who is already on date for baptism.  His name is James and he is 13 years old.  He a friend of a member in our ward and  is just a awesome kid but really needs the gospel in his life.  Because he is a minor we had to get permission from his parents to teach him, we got them so interested in what we were teaching that we now have an appointment to teach them later this week.  I can’t wait.

Friday not much happened today except I got up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, the ceilings in our apartment are really low and I have to duct basically everywhere I go, when I got up I forgot that the fan was still on and I basically almost died it hit me on the head so hard.. ha-ha 

Saturday was just awesome.  We went to the church to watch conference and we thought we would be the only ones there but when we got there we realized that 4 sisters and 4 elders had the same idea we did, so we all went and got the couches that are in the church and set up camp in the primary room, It was so fun.  It reminded me so much of home and being at my grandmas for conference.  For the second session we all brought something to eat and had a little potluck party.  Elder Patch and I both had the idea to go get canes ( the best chicken place in the world) so we went and bought 50 wings and came back and just ate till we were full then kept eating.  The priesthood session was AWESOME!  Before it started our Elders quorum had a little root beer float party.  It was so fun to be with the Elders in are ward and I think it helped the less active men in our ward feel apart of something.
Sunday was just what I needed.  Because there were a lot more people at the church we didn’t get to watch it in the primary room on couches so we just watched it in the chapel like normal people.  I am realizing very quickly that the only way to do missionary work is by forgetting all about myself and focusing all of my time on others.  It was so fun for me to not only watch conference with questions that I had but also to watch it for questions about my investigators and for less active families.  I'm pretty sure that every talk was specifically written for one of my investigators and I cant wait to go share it with them.  I loved conference and loved having the spirit reconfirm to me that this church is SO true and that Ohio is where I’m supposed to be and that there are people waiting for me to share this message of the true church with them.  I love this Gospel!

The only other thing that happened this week was that our heater went out on Saturday.  This might not sound like that big of deal but the last 2 days have been pretty cold.  When I woke up Saturday our apartment was at 50 degrees.  I have been so busy and haven’t had time to go buy a real blanket so I’ve basically been sleeping with a thin blanket, or a sheet, haha so I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night.

Sunday I was prepared and went to bed wearing 2 pairs of thermals and then my pajamas and a sweatshirt. It was like the greatest night of my life and I cant believe I did think of doing that earlier.  The heater guy is at our house right now so hopefully tonight will be a little warmer.

I am loving Ohio more and more every week and loving going to bed each night and thanking my heavenly Father for the life I've had.  I never really realized till now how blessed I was to live in the ward I did and to have the friends I have.  I will be eternally thankful for everything I have.

Thanks for everything.  You are all in my prayers, 
Love Elder Roper 
Elders Brandt, Roper, Patch,Cutler

Zone Conference

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