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September 30.2014

Hello family, 

Holy cow I can’t believe its already p-day again! I have realized that I should of paid more attention and done my assignments during my computer classes in school  because holy cow I am a slow typer!! haha There are defiantly slow times during the day but for the most part time is flying! This week was a blast!  

I got to do a lot of service this week which is great because that is what I love doing!! I got to help a family move out and then another family move in. Both families had 6 kids so they had a ton of stuff! I also got to help this member family in the ward named the Pickins. They are an older couple and we get along great. I love going over there to talk to them because we connect in so many ways and have so much in common, also he was a professional cook so the food that he cooks for us is amazing!! I got to help him mow his lawn and just get his yard ready for winter! I never thought I would say this but  I loved doing that because it reminded me so much of being at home and just doing yard work all day. haha We live in a duplex with the Harris.  They are also an older couple and are just awesome. Saturday morning their water heater went out so i got to spend a couple of hours help him replace it! Which was so fun! 

On Wednesday night I got a call from my mission president inviting me to go to a leadership training the next night. Of course I said yes and was so grateful that I got to go! I still have no idea why I was there because for the most part the only missionary's that were there were zone and district leaders! The training was amazing and lasted all day!  There were 2 people there from the missionary department that were just awesome! They told us a little bit about iPads and how our mission would be getting them soon and how to use them to help us in the work. But they also taught about how to be exactly obedient missionary's and just really pounded into our heads that Preach my Gospel is so important and that we really need to study it and know how to use the tools in it!! It was so fun to be there and it reminded me so much of the MTC. There is a special spirit that comes when a big group of missionary's are together!! 

The work here in Whitehall is hard and slow but I am trying everyday to make it better!! My companion is alright! ha He is a fun kid to be around but I think is a little sad he isnt in Africa anymore. (His mission got shut down 2 months ago because of some disease) So I am trying hard to keep him with a high spirit and not let him get down on himself. 
I am loving the ward here and seem to already have so many friends that I look forward to seeing every week! 

I got a new investigator this week! His name is Cody and lives with a member family in our ward! We taught him twice this week and at the end of the second lesson I invited him to be baptized...and he said YES! We put him on date for the end of November will hopefully be able to keep him on track! It is so fun to see how the spirit works on people! 
I am loving Ohio and know this is where I am supposed to be!! 
Love Elder Roper

PS...I am in a half biking half car area but because I am a nice guy I let the sisters have the car the whole time! My companion is mad I did that but riding a bike is fun to me and we get to talk to so many more people because we are on bikes! I am Loving the bike and ride it several miles everyday!! Thanks so much for ordering and buying that bike for me!! I actually went to dinner on Monday at a member house and guess what, he owns that bike shop! ha so I now know the guy to talk to if my bike ever has a problem! He thinks that you defiantly made the right choice and said it is a great bike!! I love it!! 

Elder Patch and I tracting

Elder Elzey from my High School in Ohio with me

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