Tuesday, January 6, 2015

October 14 2014

I don’t have a ton of time but will try to tell you a little about my week. 

Monday- Last p day we had finished everything that we needed to by 4 and we don’t have to be out till 6.  We were stuck and didn't know what to do so I said a prayer and we both decided to go out and work a little early. In just 2 hours we contacted enough people to make appointment for the whole next day. It was such a miracle because so far we have never had a day full of appointments. Missionary work is so fun when I rely on the Lord for help.

Wednesday I had my first zone meeting.  I of course got called on to give a talk but it wasn't so bad because I just had to talk on my favorite talk from general conference.  I talk about how receiving spiritual light is the process of a lifetime.

Friday was awesome. We had a new Missionary Training at "The OSU" campus. It was so fun to see all of my old friends from the MTC and I learned tons.  After the meeting was over they let us go out on campus and talk to people for about an hour.  I loved it and talked to several people and got several numbers of potentials. 

Saturday I thought I died and went to heaven.  A member of the ward contacted me and said that he had a non-member friend that lived by him who had a wood stove and wanted some help splitting wood. Of course I volunteered all of the missionary in the ward and we went and split wood for hours.  The only reason we stopped was because it was super dark and the truck headlights just didn’t give us enough light. After we stopped they feed us a quick dinner and we hurried back to our apartment so we weren't late for curfew. It was like the greatest thing ever.  We didn’t get it all done so we get to go back on Friday and finish. I can’t wait.  I got a phone call yesterday from that same member who told us about them.  He told me that his friend was so impressed with us that he now wants him and his family to learn more about our church and figure out why we were so happy to be splitting wood on a Saturday night.  How cool is that?  I have to go and will try to write more next week. 

I love and miss you all,
The church is so true and I love my mission! 
Love Elder Roper

Elder Patch

Brother Harris

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