Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hi guys,

Well another week has come and gone here in the heartland of Zanesville Ohio. Christmas time is my favorite time of year.  The stores are packed, christmas trees are up, and my favorite part, Christmas Music is always playing. I love everything about this time of year.

I'm grateful for the new video and cards we get at this time
of year because it helps me remember why we have Christmas and to remember Jesus Christ.

I can't remember if I shared this or not but a few weeks ago we had a training on helping investigators pray at the end of lessons. We have been trying to get Sirius to pray for awhile but have had some struggles. But this week we were able to have him pray and it was pretty awesome. It's hard to describe but was amazing. He is doing so great.

We had a lesson on family history and helped him set an a
FamilySearch account.  Once we got him logged in there was absolutely nothing about him in the tree, but the next time we went back he had spent hours finding his parents and had a ton of work done.  He was finally interviewed for baptism yesterday and can be baptized soon.  He is praying for a date and should be baptized by the end of the year.

I loved the Christmas Devotional last night. We watched it at Jims, a recent convert,  and Sirius was also there with us.  It was like a
little family night, Hah we all sing along with motab with every song. It was a spirit filled blast!

Today I got to have breakfast with Chad Black and his dad which made my week!  They are driving from Utah to Washington, DC to work on the DC Temple. I'm looking forward to this week. Who knows we might just have a baptism on Saturday.  I'll keep you updated. Have a great week.

Love Elder Roper

November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Family,

Oh what a week we had. We have been super lucky so far this year with the weather. It's still pretty warm outside. It's the perfect sweater weather. There are some missionary's from this ward that got home a few months ago that love to come out with us and we love it. They are becoming best friends with Sirius. They had him over for Thanksgiving
dinner and everything. 

Thursday morning we woke up and headed over to
play in our wards annual Turkey Bowl! It was exactly like the one at home. Super fun, very competitive and the adults cheat out here just like they do back home! Haha needless to say it was the perfect start to our Thanksgiving day. 

The next few hours we spent just visiting with members and a few investigators. We were invited to several dinners but only went to one. We ate at a really nice house that was
way in the woods and sat right on a huge river. There were 3 member families from the ward that ate with us. We deep fried a turkey and just had a great time. That night the streets and stores were packed.  We live across the street from a mall and it was going crazy.

Saturday was the biggest Ohio State game of the year. People were going crazy.  It was the only thing people could talk about. But they won so everyone was in a good mood after that. Sunday was great. We had a fantastic Sunday.  The talks at church were great. The new Christmas
initiatives that the church came out with are great.  It makes contacting people so much easier. 

Today was fun as well. Jim called us this morning and said he shot a deer and needed help gutting it and dragging it out of the woods. So P-day started off with a fun little bloody adventure in the woods. Well things are going pretty great. We have a lot of appointments set up that sound really promising.
I hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Roper
Elder Elzek & Elder Roper

November 23, 2015

Hi guys,
Oh, what a week!
Some of the highlights were Zone conference with Elder Cardon from the Presidency of the 70. It lasted All Day which was a little bit hard but I'm the end I loved it. It was different from other zone conferences because we sat in the chapel the Whole day and just listened and asked some questions. Normally we get up and role play, or go to different rooms to listen to trainings from other people, but for this one our
Mission President spoke for 30 mins and the rest of the time was Elder Cardon.

I totally forgot to finish writing this, sorry.  But it was a
grand week. My companion and I get along great, the work is moving forward at a quick rate, and I love being apart of it! Happy Thanksgiving,
Love Elder Roper

November 18, 2015

Hi family,

Well I emailed just a few days ago but already lots has happened. The leaves have all basically fallen and it is officially sweater weather.

My name was the last named called out at transfer meeting and the anticipation was killing me.  But I am very happy with the results.  My new companion is my 6th grade buddy Elder Caleb Elzey from American Fork!  I honestly can't believe we get to serve together but this should be a pretty good transfer. It's a 5 weeks transfer because of the holidays, but it's been good so far!

Sirius is doing great. We read him the baptismal interview questions and he should be good to be interviewed hopefully this Sunday.  We had an amazing lesson with Jim in a members home last night and then dinner. This member volunteered to let us come and help us teach him the new members lessons. They are great.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of daily scripture study.  He is doing great.  We set a date for him to go to the temple at the end of this month so that should be fun.

Yesterday in church a returned missionary talked about some blessings of a mission and I loved them so I will share them with you!:) First he said that when you leave your love for your family and there love for you automatically increases.  The second your family leaves you on the curb at the MTC you feel a sense of love that is indescribable. I didn't realize how much I loved my family until I had to leave them for 2 years!

Second, on a mission you get to grow and have a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ that you really won't get to have
anywhere else. As I represent him and tell others about him my
relationships seems to grow daily. I love it!

Thanks for the prayers, they help! I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Love Elder Roper

Elder Elzey and Elder Roper

November 11, 2015

Hi family,

How is everyone? I am doing pretty great. My week seemed a little long because p-day wasn't until today. Another transfer has already come and gone! This seemed like the fastest transfer I have had yet.

On Tuesday I got to spent the day with elder Jones from American Fork and that was a blast.
For the past few weeks we have been able to play volleyball on Friday nights with some couples in the ward and Sirius. It is SO competitive and fun.  It has become a great way to do missionary work. Members bring a friend and at the end we try to have a lesson. Everyone loves it.  This ward is amazing at fellow shipping.  

Every week after church someone seems to invite Sirius over.  At dinner on Sunday a family invited us to start teaching him the new member lesson at their house.
We got some amazing news yesterday! We finally received news that Sirus can be interviewed for baptism. It has been a long processes and we don't even know if he can be baptized yet but an interview is a step in the right direction.

We literally received the call like 30 seconds ago that my companion is being transfers. I have loved being with Elder Sloan. We have had some pretty amazing experiences happen to us as we have been together. He will be missed.  Let the adrenalin
begin! The next 24 hours are awesome. I am anxious to see who my next companion will be!
I hope everything is great back home,

Love Elder Roper

November 2, 2015

Hey guys,
I had a pretty solid week.
With the few minutes I have I'll share something that happened. Thursday was our wards trunk or treat, and with some help from Jim we went all out. We decorated the out side of his car then dressed up in camo. It was a blast!  I wasn't really expecting to many people to show up but holy cow, There were people everywhere! I have never met so
many potentials at one time. It seemed like everyone in the ward brought a family to introduce us too. It was an amazing turn out and everyone was happy!

Halloween was awesome.  We went contacting for part of the day but at night we went to a members house and did service on their farm.  We split wood under the lights until we had to go home, and I loved it.

Sunday was my favorite day this week.  Between the 2 sets of missionary we had so many people at church.  Our gospel principles class that normally is a little awkward was clear full of investigators and recent converts.  Testimony meeting was amazing. I have never seen one like it before. There was never a moment of silence. There was always a line of people ready to share what they know to be true. It was

I have to go,
Have a fantastic week,

Love Elder Roper

October 26, 2015

Hi Family,

My week here in Zanesville Ohio was pretty great!  We set some pretty high weekly goals and worked hard to accomplish them. It always gives me more motivation at the end of the day to look at our goals and think of people we can go see that will help us reach them!

Monday night I had a little debate in my head of whether or not I was going to call and ask my Mission President for permission to go to the pumpkin weigh off in Circleville, Which is about 2 hours away.  

I asked some other missionary's what they thought he might say and they said he would probably laugh at me.  Ha-ha but if you really think about it, it's kind of a crazy weird question so I almost believed them! Hah but I figured I didn't come all the way to Ohio to not see a giant pumpkin! So I said a prayer and called. After some explaining he said YES!!:)

Tuesday was a marvelous day! Just the way everything worked out it was obvious that the spirit lead us as we planned the night before.  We hadn't planned on seeing Sabrina but when we got the text we were right by her house.  Sabrina is a media referral. On her background
info it said that she had watched meet the Mormons and got a whole new perspective on Mormons.  So we went and knocked on her door and she was thrilled and shocked to see us! Turns out she had a husband named Lance who was also interested. They are ready for a change and looking for a good church. They love service and we had an amazing, very spiritual lesson on the restoration with lots of questions asked!

These are always my favorite lessons. We left them with the Book of Mormon and they were excited to read.  At the end we invited them to come to church and they kind of smiled at us and said it starts at 9:30 right?  Now we're smiling and said yes. Turns out they had already looked up the address and were planning on being there. How awesome is that!

Wednesday was the pumpkin festival. Part of the agreement for me to go was that members had to drive us both ways. My prayers were answered and two amazing families were able to drive my comp and I. We had a great day. I met a lot of people that I had heard about and at one point I was talking to a grower from Kentucky and they brought us out
in front of everyone to introduce growers from other states and to talk for a minute.  This weigh off is defiantly a lot bigger than Utah!  I was blessed immensely to be able to go and have said so many prayers of thanks since.

Friday was a bit crazy. Like a week ago we taught Jim (a recent convert) about missionary work and gave him some pass along cards to hand out. So he called us around lunch time and said he had picked up this guy on the road and was bringing him home and he wanted us to come over and teach him.  It was a very crazy situation but awesome!
This kid had just gotten out of prison and wants to change his life around and at the end of our meeting he said he had a good feeling the whole time we met and would love to feel it again!  Jim loves missionary work because he knows it will bless their lives.

Sunday was the primary program, which I loved.  It ended 20 minutes early and so after some awkward silence the bishop got up and read some scriptures, than had us sing a hymn, then read some more scriptures, than we sang again to fill some more time, But it was all good.
So all in all I had a pretty great week!
I love and pray for you all,

Love Elder Roper