Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hi Family,

My week here in Zanesville Ohio was pretty great!  We set some pretty high weekly goals and worked hard to accomplish them. It always gives me more motivation at the end of the day to look at our goals and think of people we can go see that will help us reach them!

Monday night I had a little debate in my head of whether or not I was going to call and ask my Mission President for permission to go to the pumpkin weigh off in Circleville, Which is about 2 hours away.  

I asked some other missionary's what they thought he might say and they said he would probably laugh at me.  Ha-ha but if you really think about it, it's kind of a crazy weird question so I almost believed them! Hah but I figured I didn't come all the way to Ohio to not see a giant pumpkin! So I said a prayer and called. After some explaining he said YES!!:)

Tuesday was a marvelous day! Just the way everything worked out it was obvious that the spirit lead us as we planned the night before.  We hadn't planned on seeing Sabrina but when we got the text we were right by her house.  Sabrina is a media referral. On her background
info it said that she had watched meet the Mormons and got a whole new perspective on Mormons.  So we went and knocked on her door and she was thrilled and shocked to see us! Turns out she had a husband named Lance who was also interested. They are ready for a change and looking for a good church. They love service and we had an amazing, very spiritual lesson on the restoration with lots of questions asked!

These are always my favorite lessons. We left them with the Book of Mormon and they were excited to read.  At the end we invited them to come to church and they kind of smiled at us and said it starts at 9:30 right?  Now we're smiling and said yes. Turns out they had already looked up the address and were planning on being there. How awesome is that!

Wednesday was the pumpkin festival. Part of the agreement for me to go was that members had to drive us both ways. My prayers were answered and two amazing families were able to drive my comp and I. We had a great day. I met a lot of people that I had heard about and at one point I was talking to a grower from Kentucky and they brought us out
in front of everyone to introduce growers from other states and to talk for a minute.  This weigh off is defiantly a lot bigger than Utah!  I was blessed immensely to be able to go and have said so many prayers of thanks since.

Friday was a bit crazy. Like a week ago we taught Jim (a recent convert) about missionary work and gave him some pass along cards to hand out. So he called us around lunch time and said he had picked up this guy on the road and was bringing him home and he wanted us to come over and teach him.  It was a very crazy situation but awesome!
This kid had just gotten out of prison and wants to change his life around and at the end of our meeting he said he had a good feeling the whole time we met and would love to feel it again!  Jim loves missionary work because he knows it will bless their lives.

Sunday was the primary program, which I loved.  It ended 20 minutes early and so after some awkward silence the bishop got up and read some scriptures, than had us sing a hymn, then read some more scriptures, than we sang again to fill some more time, But it was all good.
So all in all I had a pretty great week!
I love and pray for you all,

Love Elder Roper

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