Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hi family!

How was every ones week? My week was crazy, anxious, exhausting, and in the end extremely spiritual.

Wednesday we were out late saying bye to my friends from Lanecaster.  Then I headed home to pack.

Thursday we went to Columbus for transfer meeting.  That is the craziest meeting ever.  There is no adrenaline rush like the one I get every transfer meeting! I have run from a lot of people and done some pretty crazy things but I think this tops it all. You just have to sit in a pew waiting for your named to be called and hear about your new companion and area!  Finally toward the end of the meeting my name
was called, I have been transferred to south Zanesville Ohio.

I am back in the ghetto and couldn't be more excited! (We are not allowed to live in our area though because it's too dangerous) It is different from all of my others areas and even has some country on the outskirts so it is perfect.  I never really believed that gangs existed but let me tell you that gangs are real and run South Zanesville! Ha-ha
it's awesome!!

My companions name is Elder Sloan. He is from Roberts
Idaho and has been out 3 months. We get along great and are doing some pretty amazing work together. In just the few days we have been together we are seeing miracles every where we look.  We are trying to be exactly Obedient so that they keep coming as well.

Friday was my first full day here. We woke up, weekly planned then headed out for the day. I am finally back in a car which is nice because it has started to rain a lot here.  We taught a lesson almost every single hour of the day on Friday! I have never had a day like this on my mission. I asked my companion if his days are normally like this because he has been here his whole missions and he said not at all!  Ha we didn't plan to teach that many lesson but it just worked out like this. We planned to visit potentials and less actives and a few investigators and almost every one we saw was home! It was Awesome. We put 2 people on date as well!

One of the lessons we taught was too this awesome black guy named Sirius. He has had a crazy life and has spent some time in prison but is ready to change. During his
growing up years he lived with some Mormons and he said they were just a happy people and he wanted to be like them. This was a huge reminder to me that we are a light in the world.  People can look at us and tell that we are happy. So shine on and always remember we have the Holy
Ghost and can light the way for others. But during that time he was a boxer and couldn't leave his old life.  He said he just loved knocking people out! Haha (you'll see why when I send the picture! This dude is huge and dresses like a champion!) but now he is ready.  He is so solid.

Saturday was obviously conference.  Conference for me on the mission is sometimes hard.  I am used to being with my family on the couch with some yelling and wrestling but out here it’s just my companion and I alone with one other set of missionaries in the chapel. But as soon as it starts all of those thoughts go away.

I LOVED conference and am so happy I am in Zanesville! When I got here I have to be honest I was a little upset. This is not where I wanted to be. I haven't really heard anything about this area and was worried I wasn't going to a
place I didn't want to be in. Saturday night we didn't get home until like 10:30 because of the priesthood session but I had to get on my knees and repent.  The lord definitely knew what he was doing when he sent me here.  I am in an area that I could spend my whole mission in because I love it.

I could probably write an entire email just about conference. How amazing was that.  Every speaker just hit home for me.
I just realized I have to go. I had lots more to say but sometimes I just start to ramble, sorry.

I love you all and hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did!

Love Elder Roper

Our investigator Sirius, he is the nicest person I have ever met

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