Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October 12, 2015


Well my week was pretty grand.  We had those normal
missionary days where everything cancels and nobody wants to talk with you but some how at the end of the day we still come home with good attitudes and finish out the night strong.

Tuesday was awesome.  We were invited out help with some service on a member’s fish farm.  They raise tilapia, ha-ha how cool is that?   We were helping them build a huge fish tank (like a 40x15 foot fish tank!) it was a blast.  My favorite part was talking with one of his employee named Clayton.  He is 22 and is going to school and working part time and he just could not believe that we could leave
right out of high school and come and do what we're doing. The questions he would ask just kept blowing his mind and it topped it all off when we said we paid to do it and they didn't pay us!  Ha-ha later that night we got a call from this member who told us about how the
rest of the day he kept asking more questions about us and why we do what we do. So on Thursday they invited us back. They worked us hard!  Ha they had 2 cement trucks come and with wheelbarrows we had to haul a ton of concrete into this barn for a side walk.  It took 3 hours of non stop work but the whole time we were able to become pretty good friends with Clayton. I don't know how long it will take him  before he will want to take the lessons and learn exactly why we're here but we will hopefully go back this week
and talk more.

This experience just reminded me of how much I love
being a missionary and how I know the lord has a plan for me.  While we talked with him it wasn't hard to realize he was just kind of lost. He is an awesome guy but just doesn't know how much better his life can be!

So we had a baptism on Saturday for Mariah. She is an awesome 9 year old girl. She had been taught lots when I got here but it was a grand experience to finish her teaching and watch her get baptized. My favorite part was on Sunday when she received the Holy Ghost.  She asked me to do it earlier in the week and so I have been studying up lots on the Holy Ghost. I didn't exactly take the challenge from
conference but I didn't kind of ponderize  a scripture this week.  It was Moroni 10:4-5. I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and would be lost without it.  I know this church is true because the Holy Ghost has told me. I know the Book of Mormon is true because the Holy Ghost has told me it is! I am striving to always listen to the prompting I get and act when I get them!!

The highlight of my week was teaching my investigator Sirius. We went over early in the week to teach him about the plan of salvation and when we started talking about the atonement and how we can be forgiven for our sins he just look lost.  We figured out that he had no idea Jesus Christ suffered, died and lives and preformed the atonement so
that we can be forgiven of our sins.  We ended up teaching him 3 times this week and in each lesson we talked about the atonement, It was amazing!  We were trying to figure out how we could help his testimony of Jesus Christ grow and we figured out in PMG it says that the best way to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ is through the reading the Book of Mormon.  So that is exactly what he has been doing. He thinks
it is the coolest thing ever that he can be forgiven for what he has done!  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and that I too can repent and change and become more like him.

All in all it was a pretty good week. I finally got to meet my ward and they are awesome. It is probably the biggest ward I have been in yet.  It kind of feels a little bit like home.

I hope you all had a good week as well.
Thanks for the prayers, they help!
Love Elder Roper

The sidewalk we layed at the fish farm

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