Thursday, December 3, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hi guys!!:)
Yet again it was another great week here in the small town of Millersport Ohio.  We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, which was awesome (well some parts, I'll tell you what I didn't like in a min) it lasted all day and the spirit was so strong and I learned a ton.  I have been to so many of these meetings on my mission and I haven't even been out
that long.  I am realizing that I can go to these meetings and take pages of notes, feel the spirit and be uplifted and learn lots of new things but unless I change something and actually do something from what I learned then I leave the same as I went, this might not be entirely true but it helps me!  Ha So each meeting I have started to write down some questions before the meeting starts but at the end or when I get time I write down the things I am going to change because of what I learned.  This is also helping me listen to the spirit and figure out what I can do to help my area and investigators.  One of the many thing that I took away from this training was the importance of "how to begin teaching" in preach my gospel and how I need to implement it more in my teaching.  It is so easy to just be "casual" to start off teaching but the promises it gives us are amazing and I want
them in my life, so that is what I am going to change.

So the part that I didn't like what the whole mission got a "black box" installed into our cars.  Ha-ha Holy cow these things are nuts! So basically it's like this device on our windshield that we have to sign into every time we start the car, then if you don't have your seat belt on within like 8 seconds a voice will come on that says "check
your seat belt".  If you are speeding or driving to aggressively or your RPMs go to high or you brake to hard it will tell you to fix it or slow down and the voice isn't very nice!

Ha-ha, if you don't fix it immediately it will give you a violation and if you get so many violations then there are punishments!  Hah the worst part is that all of this nformation is sent to our mission president.  I don't want it to sound like I'm a bad driver but I live in the middle of no where and sometimes I like to go over 25 on those long, straight, flat
country roads...but not any more!   Lots of missionary's are
already in trouble and I am proud to say that I don't even have a violation yet!!:) ha-ha.

Life is pretty great.  Training is fun and I learn something new every day.  We had quite a bit of success this week and to top it off church was amazing.  My companion and I got to teach gospel principles and the lesson was on charity.  I learned lots as my comp and I prepared for it.  I just thought it was the pure love of Christ and had no idea how I was going to fill up an hour of time but it is so much more than
That.  I won't explain it but to me Enos is a man filled with charity.

If you're feeling spiritual or want to feel spiritual I would read the book of Enos and find out why.  The rain here has stopped and it is just hot.  I am starting to lose some weight because all I do is sweat so that's good!

This upcoming week is going to be a good one.  We have lots of lessons set up and on Friday my comp and I get to go spend a day on OSU for new missionary training and get to do a session in the temple.  Then Saturday we are back up in Columbus for a mission wide meeting.

Other than that it was a normal week.
I hope everything back home is great,

Love Elder Roper

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