Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Family,

Oh what a week we had. We have been super lucky so far this year with the weather. It's still pretty warm outside. It's the perfect sweater weather. There are some missionary's from this ward that got home a few months ago that love to come out with us and we love it. They are becoming best friends with Sirius. They had him over for Thanksgiving
dinner and everything. 

Thursday morning we woke up and headed over to
play in our wards annual Turkey Bowl! It was exactly like the one at home. Super fun, very competitive and the adults cheat out here just like they do back home! Haha needless to say it was the perfect start to our Thanksgiving day. 

The next few hours we spent just visiting with members and a few investigators. We were invited to several dinners but only went to one. We ate at a really nice house that was
way in the woods and sat right on a huge river. There were 3 member families from the ward that ate with us. We deep fried a turkey and just had a great time. That night the streets and stores were packed.  We live across the street from a mall and it was going crazy.

Saturday was the biggest Ohio State game of the year. People were going crazy.  It was the only thing people could talk about. But they won so everyone was in a good mood after that. Sunday was great. We had a fantastic Sunday.  The talks at church were great. The new Christmas
initiatives that the church came out with are great.  It makes contacting people so much easier. 

Today was fun as well. Jim called us this morning and said he shot a deer and needed help gutting it and dragging it out of the woods. So P-day started off with a fun little bloody adventure in the woods. Well things are going pretty great. We have a lot of appointments set up that sound really promising.
I hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Roper
Elder Elzek & Elder Roper

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