Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MTC Week Two

Well another week has come and gone in the wonderful MTC. It honestly feels like yesterday I was getting dropped off at the curb by my family and 

This week has been an amazing week!! The church is defiantly true and I love it!! 

Tuesday was just an average day except for at night, I got my entire district to come and sing in the choir with me!:)   It was without a doubt a highlight of my MTC experience and I so grateful I did it! I am already looking forward to tomorrow night so I can do it again! We sang Hope of Israel and the spirit was so strong!  Tomorrow we are singing be still my soul, I cant wait!

Wednesday and Thursday were just normal class day.  Since I am only here 2 weeks we basically have classes all day so they can teach everything that we need to know! The classes are long but I am loving them!  It has just been awesome to be here because of the spirit that is here! It is just powerful to be here with so many missionaries that all have the same purpose I do! 

Friday and Saturday were a little rough..there is this cold going around and 6 people in my district got it! 3 sister and 3 elders. We tried to go to classes and stuff but they don’t want us there because they don't want everyone getting sick so we basically had to sit in our room the whole time which got really boring! We held our own little classes and tried to study the scriptures as much as we could but that only lasted so long! Ha we took several temple walks and just tried to stay busy! I am basically completely healed and ready to get to Ohio! 

Sunday was an amazing day!  We started off with priesthood meeting, which was great! Then we had a District Meeting, which was one of my favorite meetings of the day! We then went to sacrament meeting and one of the speakers didn’t show up so the bishop got up and said he was going to pick 1 elder and 1 sister to speak and he wanted each of them to take about 5 min...And out of all the people there that he could have pick.. he picked me!! haha I have never had my heart beat that fast in my life but everyone said I did great! I guess I should probably start preparing for that because I am guessing it will happen lots on my mission! Then at night we had a Sunday night devotional and Tad R Callister spoke to us about the Plan of Salvation. It was such an amazing meeting and I learned so much! Sundays are my favorite day and basically make all the hard times at the MTC worth it! 

We got to new 2 new districts in my zone. All of the elders are awesome and we have a lot of fun during PE and at nights! It will be a little sad to leave them even though I've only known them a week! 

I leave the MTC on Wednesday at 330 in the morning to go to the airport to fly to Ohio. I am sad to be leaving the MTC because of all the experiences I've had, I will miss all of the friends I have made and but most of all because of the spirit that is here!  I am a little nervous to be leaving but am also very excited to be going into the real field! 
Thank you for all of the support!
The church is SO true and I have loved every moment that I have gotten to spend here at the MTC.
Until next week

Love Elder Roper
 Juleen Judd my neighbor volunteers at the MTC

 A friend from High School that works at the MTC

Elder Klein Olpin from American Fork, we played on the tennis team together 

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