Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hey family,

ELder Elzey and I had another eventful week here in the freezing town of Zanesville.  It always makes the day go by so much quicker if we have appointment or meetings to look forward too and we did almost everyday this week.

Tuesday was district meeting. It's always fun to see other
missionary's but the meeting itself was alittle rough.   We don't ever read the scripture or do anything really spiritual so some times it's hard to leave feeling spiritually re-energized.

Wednesday was the worldwide missionary broadcast. I'm sure every missionary's letter will talk about this but it was great. The message was teach repentance, baptize converts. The broadcast itself was great. There was honestly nothing new that they taught though.  I was kind of expecting a new announcement or something but nope, the doctrine they taught was the same as always, our missionary purpose.
It was just a good reminded that we need to be continually reminded of the simple truths of the gospel.  After the broadcast was over they let us stand up and stretch for 15 seconds then we were right back into it. 

As a mission we just basically had a chance to say stand up
and say what we learned. It got alittle boring because I felt like every one was saying the exact same thing though. But in the end everything was great.

Friday we got to go to service at the fish farm again. They have an employee who works for them named Clayton that is showing a little bit of interest the gospel. So the real reason we were there is to talk more about the church with him as we worked. I personally think there are very few ways that are better for preaching the gospel than through service! 

Saturday was one of my favorite days this week. We got to go to the temple with Jim. During the week we helped him find his dad on family search, well my companion did that because I know absolutely nothing about that.  But It was such a special experience to be in the temple with him that day. There is just a peaceful powerful feeling being in
the temple.
I hope you all had a great week.
Love Elder Roper

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