Wednesday, February 10, 2016

December 16, 2015

Hi guys!

Well I'm going to talk to you all in like a few weeks so I'll probably keep it short. But lots has happened. Another transfer has already come and gone. This one was only a 5 weeks long so that it wouldn't happen the day before Christmas. So the next one will be 7 weeks long.
But luckily Elder Elzey and I will be staying together which I am thrilled about! Christmas is going to be wonderful!  I always get emails of Cameron giving haircuts so I thought I would give it a try on my comp! Ha I sent pics.

Sirius in finally on date for January 2nd. So that good. He is doing great. He has never really celebrated Christmas before so we are going to help him have an amazing first Christmas.  It's been a humbling experience to think about his life. He never really has had "Santa" Come see him as a kid, He never gets to ask for presents or decorate a Christmas tree! But starting this year he is all in for Christmas.  We have a lot of fun with him! Seeing Sirius Change and watch the light
and hope come into his eyes and becoming his friend is why I love my mission!:)

Hmm..this week we had a zone conference which was pretty good. I always leave those meeting on a spiritual high and feeling good!  My favorite experience this week was probably while doing a little tracting. We had just gotten out of a less actives home and didn't really have anything planned for awhile and so we just went right across the street to this house that had a sweet looking truck outfront and knock on the door. (The truck wasn't the only reason we knocked on the door though we just felt like we needed too) He
opened the door and let us right in. We only talk for a minute but we have an appointment for tomorrow which should be great! He has met Mormons before when he lived in Cali and seemed a little bit excited to see us! We have high hopes for him and his family!

Well sorry it's short! Have a great week.
Love Elder Roper

Elder Roper & Elder Elzie

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