Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January 4 2016

HI family.
Happy New Years!!
I can't believe 2015 is over. It is going to be a hard year to beat.  It was the one full year that I got to spend in the service of the lord! But I am going to try my very hardest to make 2016 better than last year and I think I'm going to succeed.

My week was pretty normal but a little slow because of the holidays. Everyone seems to be doing pretty great. Sirius is excited for his baptism. One of the highlights of my weeks was walking out of his house after a lesson. It was just so great. It was a simple lesson, all we did was show him a short video and talked  a little bit more about repentance and the atonement. But we got into the car and we both just were smiling because of how great it was. Sirius said the
closing prayer without hesitation (which he rarely does) but it was just amazing to see how he is changing.  

He told us about how he talked one of his friends out of robbing a bank then invited him to church and promised him blessing. He is just a good guy! The rest of the week was pretty hard though with not many lesson taught but experiences like that are why I think it's worth it.

The other highlight of my week was a phone call I got from my mini missionary that I had in June. He called to tell me that he is going on a mission to Cali. The reason it was so great was because it came as a shock. At the beginning of our week together (back in June) I was asking him about what his plans were mission wise and he told me that
this was his 3rd mini mission and he just didn't think he wanted to go on a real one and that the only reason he was on a mini mission was because his parents kind of made him. After hearing that I wanted so bad to help him have a good experience during our week together. But at the end of our week I realized that we had taught like almost no lessons, did a lot of tracting with no success and from my perspective
it was a pretty hard, hot week. But we were obedient and always tried our hardest to do what the spirit was telling us and to always have the spirit with us.  He has since thank me for the week we had together and  said that it help him make his decision. I don't share this story to boast at all but it helped me realize that those hard weeks are worth it.

Well the cold is finally here but no snow yet! Have a great week.
Love Elder Roper

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