Friday, November 20, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hi family,
Mondays are starting to come so fast that it's a little scary! 
Last Monday we had a district activity at the halls.  We had a huge bon fire and made ice cream and just had a good time.  I seriously have like the best district in the mission.

The good news is that I did not get transferred and will be staying another 6 weeks in the small town of Greenfield.
Last Tuesday I kind of felt like a dad.  My comp and I spent the evening at the Stanley’s helping their son Seth write a project on Joseph Smith that was due the next day.  Ha-ha now I know how my parents feel.  After our short lesson we were trying to brainstorm people he could do his project on. It had to be a world leader and since we're missionaries we just had to pick Joseph Smith! It was fun for me to learn more about him and remember a lot of my experience from Heritage Tours.

I finally finished the Book of Mormon challenge that I talked about a few weeks ago.  My testimony of the Savior has been strengthened so much and I now know more than ever why we always asked our investigators to read the Book of Mormon! There really is an inspiring message on each page and whenever we read it we can always feel the spirit and learn something new.  I love the book of Mormon!

Well other than that we just spend a lot of time tracting and walking around meeting people and spreading the gospel.   Normally after we get a door slammed in our face we are a little depressed and it's  alittle awkward but now my companion and I just smile and laugh because there is no reason to be sad.  We get to do the greatest thing ever which is just to talk to everyone about the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Make it a great week, 
Love Elder Roper

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