Friday, November 20, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hi family,

Life is great here in the Ohio and once again I had a fabulous week.
John is doing okay, ha-ha we are trying so hard to get him to quit his addiction but right now nothing seems to be working. We are still meeting with them often and little tender mercies are starting to happen that are preparing him more and more every day!  They have started coming to all 3 hours of church; they are having family prayer, and with 3 kids in the house are trying their best to have family scripture study so I know that with lots of prayer that he will overcome is addiction soon! 

Randy and Misty and their kids are still doing awesome.  I love them!  For church yesterday it was a broadcast from Salt Lake and they were so excited to hear an Apostle speak. We didn’t know for sure who would speak but we were lucky enough to have 2 apostle’s speak to us!  The best part of the week was Sunday night.  There was a music fireside in Columbus last night and Randy and Misty came with us. The reason it was so good is we had an hour on the way there and back and basically they were just asking us questions and we would answer them.

They were asking us questions about everything  about our church and it was so fun.  The fireside was amazing.  It was about the restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith.  The spirit was so strong and they loved it.

The other amazing thing that happened was getting calls from people and asking us to do things for them.  My comp and I gave several blessings and were asked to go help people with random little things but I loved doing it.  We watch the biography about President Monson this week with an investigator and it has inspired me to be more like him.  At the end President Monson said if the lord ever needs an errand that Tom Monson will go!  Just like President Monson I have been praying for opportunities to go on the lords errand and it has been fun to say to myself that if the lord ever needs an errand run that Brandon Roper will gladly do it!

I love serving people and love being in Ohio.

Make it a great week! 
Love Elder Roper

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