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January 5, 2015

Hello Friends,

Well I honestly don’t have much time today. We just got back from our Zone fun day in Columbus. We are so far out here that it takes at least an hour and half and a ton of miles to get anywhere, we get 1400 miles a months (the most in the mission) and go through them like candy.  For the activity today we played volleyball and dodge ball. It was a blast, I love my zone. 

I will try to type fast and tell you about my week because it was amazing. 
Wednesday we had our monthly zone meeting so once again we had to use more miles and go to Columbus, but it was so worth it. We learned all about being bold and extending Baptism in the first lesson.

This was taught to me in the MTC but I thought they were crazy so I didn’t listen. It was a spiritual slap in the face to have this lesson but I loved it and am already having success with it.  We learned that in PMG it teaches us 3 ways to extend baptism there is a soft, medium and hard way.  See if you can find them, they are all on page 40 and hard to find but try.  

So normally we just use the soft way but it honestly is working. Then that night we had the annual Greenfield branch party.  It went from 6 till mid night but sadly we had to leave at 930.  We played a ton of games and just had a blast.  At midnight I received a phone call from a member of my branch wishing me a happy new year so that is what I did at midnight.

So we taught an amazing lesson to this investigator and her daughter.  Her name is Amber and the daughter who is like 11 is Natalie. They are both awesome.  She was a referral from a member who is awesome. They moved here a few months ago because she didn’t have a good life where she was living before.  They have no idea why they picked Greenfield to live but I’m pretty sure I do.  It is because they need to be baptized. (This lesson happened on Tuesday so we haven't asked her to be baptized yet but will soon) But they are so sweet.  We have taught them the restoration and gave her a book of Mormon and Natalie a kids one.

We got a texts a few days ago that told us that they have both been reading it and loving it.  I will keep you updated on what happens with them. 
Another great things that happened this week was we have been reading scriptures with this less active lady in the branch.  She got a divorced a few years ago and hasn’t really been coming since then.  But 3 times this week we got to go over and read scriptures and show her Mormon messages. Then on Sunday she showed up to church. We got a long text Sunday night from her telling us how grateful she was that we went over there.  She says it was exactly what she had needed and that it was an answer to one of her prayers.  I love listening to the spirit.  No body told us to go over there but we both just felt like we should.  We have a ton of less actives here and I love working with them.

Remember that we all need to be reading our scriptures and praying everyday and getting the "spiritual nourishment" that we need. 
I love you all,
Love Elder Roper
Cutting out the mortise for the beam

This is a pic of us at the halls trying to get this 800 pound beam up a hill! We had one end in the tractor bucket and my comp and i at the other end!
Passed this in the car and had to stop and take a picture

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