Thursday, November 19, 2015

December 16, 2014

So my past week has been a crazy one but I am in heaven!!
Wednesday morning when I woke up we got the transfer calls that my companion and I were being doubled out!! This was not what I was expecting! I for sure thought that I would stay! So we spent the whole day saying goodbye to all of my friends that I had made there!!  It was so hard to leave Whitehall because that has been home for the past 3 months!! I felt like I was goodbye to my family again at the MTC.
I am now in Greenfield Ohio, which is literally in the middle of no where!!  After the meeting we got into our new Ford Fusion and drove an hour and half through cornfields to get to our little town. I am in love with it though. I am in a tiny branch and we recently just got a new building.  They were meeting in a doublewide trailer before that.  Who knew that the church owned double wide trailers?  So my new companion is from Layton Utah and only has 3 months left! We were doubled into the area which has been fun!! The branch has had sister for the past 6 years and they are SO happy to have elders!! I already have made so many new friends and have done tons of service, which I love!!

I love driving to our appointments because I get to look at miles and miles of fields and just dream! ha I would honestly be happy if I spent the rest of my mission here!!
Yesterday we had our mission tour with Elder Perkins and his wife!! This was fun because a few years ago he came and spoke to my stake! Because we were so far away we had to wake up early to drive to Columbus and didn't get back till 930 so that is why I am emailing today!! It was such an incredible meeting and I learned so much and changed so much because of it!! I wrote down a bunch of quotes to tell you guys but of course I left them at home.

I don't have much time but I just want to let you all know that I love this time of year and am so grateful that I get to be on my mission and remind and invite people to remember Christ this time of year! I know that my Savior lives and am so grateful for him and the wonderful gift of the atonement that he gave to us!!
Thank you all for you prayers! I love you all!!
Love Elder Roper
My new address is 530 Jefferson, Greenfield Ohio, 45123 

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