Friday, November 20, 2015

March 9, 2015

Dear Family,

Several amazing things happened this week and I consider each one to be little miracle.   I love looking for miracles each and every day because they are always happening we just simply have to look for them.  The first amazing thing that happened was that I did not get transferred and my new companion is just awesome.

His name is Elder Weber and he is from Idaho.  The best part is that we came out together so we already knew each other. We get along great and have a ton of fun and success together.  I had been praying all week that I would get a companion who I could get along with and who wanted to work like I do and he is just what I was looking for.  I can already say that I love my companion.  We started working out extra hard in the mornings and wake up a little early so we can have extra time to run.  I honestly never thought I would say that.  ha But for some reason I’m still getting fat so I don’t know what is going on! ha-ha.

The next great thing that happened was that we finally had church ha I was kind of feeling less active because it had been so long since I had been to church. ha  I guess I never realized how much I loved church until I didn’t go for awhile.  It really does start your week off with a spiritual high. Before I went to church I said a little prayer in my heart that we would have a full house at church.  My prayer was yet again answered and there were more people there then I had ever seen.  We filled up our little tiny chapel and it was great.  There were so many less active families that came yesterday that haven’t come to church in years.  The entire Carson family came and because they were a little late they were forced to sit on the front row right by me because those were the only seats left.   I guess that isn’t a bad thing though, but there kids were quite and I know that they felt the spirit because it was so strong and I’m pretty sure it would have been impossible not to feel it!

Another thing that I loved this week was music.  Two songs that I absolutely loved were, first the closing song for sacrament meeting.  We sang the song love at home.  I used to hate that song because whenever Cameron and I would fight my mom would start singing that song and it would drive me crazy.  But as I sat in the front row and sang as loud as I possibly could (without ruining the spirit that was there) I had to stop and say a special little prayer for my family.  I am so grateful that I have an eternal family and am so grateful that I get to tell the people in Ohio how they can have that same happiness and be with there families Forever.

The second song that I loved happened at the Stake Priesthood session last night. Martin Suber my recent convert was invited to speak at it so my comp and I got special permission to go to Columbus and listen to him speak.  He did an amazing job and has such a strong testimony.  For the intermediate hymn we sang Hope of Israel.   I loved standing and singing this song and it reminded me of when my dad forced Cameron and I to wake up early and go to stake priesthood.  Even though I hated getting up I am now grateful that I went.

The people out here are a little lucky though because they get to have it at 8 o clock at night, and after they serve ice cream.   It was so fun to be with a bunch of priesthood holders and sing that song! 
But this church is so true and I love being a missionary! 
I hope you all have a fantastic week
Love Elder Roper

This is the trailer the ward use to meet in before the new building

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