Friday, November 20, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hi Family,

It was yet again another great week here in Greenfield. Monday we had an amazing district activity. It was a lot of fun, basically we ate, golfed, played a little bit of rugby ( 2 hand touch) and just had a good time, but I really do have like the greatest district in the mission.

Wednesday we had District meeting, and...I played the opening and closing songs on the piano with no mistakes!  I played sweet hour of prayer and choose the right. Every P-day I go to the church and practice for like 30 minutes and I guess its starting to pay off.  So mom all of those years of piano lessons weren't a waste!  I do wish more than ever that I wouldn't have quit though. Ben keep playing the piano it is so worth it!

The rest of the week was pretty normal I went on an exchange to Madison lake for a day and that was fun. 
The best part of the week had to be church. All of our investigators that we are teaching came. It was so awesome.  We had 8 Investigators at church and our Gospel Principles lesson in church was on our heavenly family and it was perfect.  The spirit was so strong and the talks in sacrament meeting were even better. This church is so true and there really is nothing more fun than watching my investigators progress and grow their relationship with Christ.

This is just a side note but we got a call from our zone leaders yesterday congratulating us for our amazing week.  My companion and I have been focusing a lot on making sure that we have a face with each of our numbers and not just putting down a number unless we cover every point that preach my gospel says.  Missionary work is just great! 

I love planning each night and praying to know what we should teach our investigators and then have the spirit help us plan an amazing lesson.  Then we go preach this lesson and let the spirit teach and then have our investigators say to us that it was exactly what they need to hear.

Having the spirit with us is just like the greatest thing ever!  
I Love My mission! Life is just Great!:)
Make it a great week!! 
Love Elder Roper

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