Thursday, November 19, 2015

February 23, 2015

Well another week has already come and gone in the wonderful small town of Greenfield Ohio.  I never realized when I came here that I lived in a town full of wimps! Ha. So the weather this week was just cold and windy. School was cancelled everyday this week and then yesterday CHURCH was cancelled, which was sad.

This week flew by and everything just seemed to mold together so I will try to pick out some high lights.
So in the branch there are a ton of less actives so this week we made a goal that with every less active we came in contact with we were going to read a chapter of the book of Mormon with them.  As I read the book of Mormon each day I am realizing more and more that it is truly another testament of Jesus Christ.  He has words specifically spoken by him on almost every page.  In each home we read a different chapter because everyone is different and need something different.  It was an amazing experience to get Revelation to know what we should read with each of these families.  It was so fun and cool to watch how the atmosphere of the home changed, as we would start reading.

Sometimes kids would be screaming or dogs would be barking or other stuff like that but as we would start reading the spirit would come in and just take over.  We had several commitments from less actives that promised they would come to church but then it was cancelled... so next week should be an amazing week at church.

Wednesday we meet with my new friend Kevin who we help on the side of the road last week.  His Girlfriend recently lost her grandma so we talked all about the plan of salvation and about how she can be with her family for eternity.  They both agreed to read the pamphlet we left them and then to let us come back and talk more about it.  We are supposed to meet with them tomorrow and I cant wait.  It is so fun to look people straight in the eyes and bear testimony that we really can be with our families for eternity.  I know that each and every time we bear our testimony that they do get strengthened and that the spirit will be there.

Another cool thing that happened this week was we got permission to go visit Martin in this mental hospital again.  When we got there we went into this room and were just talking to him. Because of the rules at this place we have to leave the door open when we are talking with him.  But after like 10 min of us talking with him this guy walks in and sits down and just starts listening so Martin stops us and says to teach this guy about Joseph smith.  So we did.  Ha right as we started teaching 2 more people walked in and started listening.  It went on and on and by the end felt like we were teaching a class! Ha.  It was so much fun and the spirit was there.   We had a great discussion about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring you true happiness.  We left several book of Mormons and I know we planted several seeds in these peoples hearts that will continue to grow.  We ended with Martin bearing his testimony that he know with out a doubt in his mind that he know that this church is true.

I will also end by saying that I too know without a doubt that this church is true and I know that if we want to experience true happiness then we just need to involve the lord in our lives.

I hope that you all have a fantastic week!
Love Elder Roper

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