Friday, November 20, 2015

April 6, 2015

This email will be short because it is yet again transfer week.  I wont know until Wednesday if I'm getting transferred but there is a really good chance.

I will try to type fast and tell you about the amazing week that elder Weber and I had.
Monday right after p-day was over we headed over to the Stanley’s for a great FHE lesson.  They are a part member family who are like our best friends.  We seem to always be talking with them or playing basketball at the park with their little kids or pulling weeds or something.   John who is the dad has been chewing like all his life and he is so close to be ready for baptism. He has been trying to quit for a long time and hopefully in the next few weeks will be done chewing!  This is yet another reminder to me that Satan is real and is strong but also reminds me the atonement is real and is stronger!  I have watched John and his attitude about the church change over the past few months.  His addiction hasn't just been taken from him but his desire and attitude towards quitting has been changed and his spirit is slowly starting to grow as he makes changes in his life.

Tuesday we seriously tracted all day in the pouring rain.  Ha-ha I don’t know if I have ever been that wet in my whole life.  It was a different kind of tracting though because it was Easter week.  Everyone is willing to talk about Easter and Jesus.  My companion and I were passing out #becausehelives cards to like everyone we saw.  We found tons of new investigators and tripled last week’s numbers.  Numbers only matter if we have a face to go with them and we definitely worked hard for those faces. 
Wednesday we were in Columbus for zone meeting.  We talked about Christ like attributes and helping our investigators show these attributes in their lives.

Friday my companion and I were up late packing Easter eggs for a spur of the moment Easter egg hunt the next day. Some how my comp and I got stuck with all of the candy and eggs.  Ha we didn’t plan it but we just packed the eggs and were in charge of it.  We kind of thought that no one would come and that we were waisting our time.  We were also a little worried that people were going to focus more on the hunt and less on Easter and conference,  but we were wrong.  I forgot to count how many kids were there but they were all over the place.

Saturday- Conference was simply amazing. I felt like the topic of these sessions was family's.  I am yet again so grateful that I get to go tell people how they can be with there family forever!  We had several less active family’s come watch conference and I was so grateful that they were able to listen to these talks too.  The hunt was a success and we had more kids show and investigators show up then I knew lived in Greenfield.  That night for the priesthood session we watched\listened to it at the church with Bobby who is blind.  It was just us there and it was fun to watch him feel the spirit and watch his testimony start to burn with in him again!  Every time someone said something he made a comment about it and he seemed to like the whole conference because he was talking like the whole time.   But at least he was listening.

Sunday I just loved conference! I love the quote by Elder Cook that said "The church has never been stronger"  I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary and go around and share our unique message of that Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is back on earth!
I hope you all loved conference and Easter as much as I did.

Love Elder Roper

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