Friday, November 20, 2015

March 16,2015

Well I honestly can’t believe it is already Monday again. My p-day this week isn’t until tomorrow because it is once again my zones turn to go to the temple.  So my comp and I will wake up early tomorrow morning and cram in the 2 seater truck and drive to Columbus.  I honestly can’t wait.
I am already out of time but will try to tell you about some things that happened this week.  Last Tuesday we got a call from a less active guy whose wife just had a baby. He said that the baby wasn’t doing well at all and as a last resort he was wondering if we could come over and give the baby a blessing.  Of course we said yes and we gave him a blessing.  After the blessing both the mom and dad said that they would like one too.  The spirit was very strong and after the blessings we left and didn’t think much about it because we give blessings all the time. 

Wednesday night we got a call from this member who in tears told us that we had healed his baby and that the baby was completely fine.  This was not only a huge testimony builder for that family but it also was for me.  I know that the priesthood is real and that if we have faith that it will work.  I was so grateful for the opportunity I had to give that baby a blessing and will always remember that experience.
The next thing happened up in Jeffersonville on Friday.  I cant remember if I told you about the Charter family but he is a member and has been less active for basically all his life and was baptized when he was younger.  His wife claims to be an atheist and they love feeding the missionaries.  So we went up there to help him cut some wood and to have dinner. 

While we were in his barn cutting wood we were talking all about the gospel and about his life and we kind of got him to bear his testimony with him ever knowing it! Ha, but during that conversation he asked us why we chose to go on a mission.  In that cold dark garage my comp and I were both able to bear our testimony on the savior and why we chose to go on missions.  It was so powerful and I know the spirit was there.

That dark garage seem to get lighter and lighter as we talked and I know it was the spirit.  I don’t know if he will ever come back or if his wife will get baptized very soon but I know that we planted a very big seed in their hearts and one day that seed will begin to grow.
I LOVE being a missionary and sharing my testimony of why I’m on a mission. 
I have to go but I love you all and have a fabulous week.
Love Elder Roper

Elder Weber and Elder Roper

The tree in the Halls home

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