Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 3, 2014

This week was just awesome!

I left my planner at home where i write everything down of what I want to write about so I don't know how much ill remember but ill try.

Wednesday was p-day because transfers were on Thursday.  I was shopping with Elder Cutler and Elder Patch my ZL's when the call came from the Ap's. We were all in a dressing room together when the call came. (I know that probably sounds really weird but we have a lot of fun out here) The phone was on speaker and as they went down the list of people being transferred I thought I was going to die. My heart hasn't beat that fast since I gave my farewell talk but both my companion and I are staying in Whitehall.  The only sad thing that happened was my new best friend Elder Patch got transferred but we still call all the time so ill be okay!

Earlier last week my comp and I kind of came to a point in the day where we were both stuck. Our appointments that we had fell through and our backups weren't home so we just didn’t know what to do.  So we said a prayer and felt prompted to go tract this certain road across town. The FIRST door I knocked on I met a Couple (Chris and Bobby) from Good Old American Fork Utah, how crazy is that.

We talked for like 15 min on they're porch and they were just awesome. They moved here a few months ago because of work.  (Elder patch taught me to really listen to the spirit when I’m tracing) and I felt that they needed to hear a little lesson about the restorations but that we needed to do it in their house because it was freezing outside and the spirit wouldn't have been super strong. So we were all just standing there and I was like "so this might be an awkward question but could I use your bathroom?" My comp looked at me like I was straight crazy haha but they said yes and that got us inside which was exactly what I wanted.  So I went and stood in the bathroom for a sec because I didn't even need to go and then came out and we gave them a short pamphlet lesson on the restoration and invited them to come to the Trunk or treat and ward chili cook off on Friday. Ill talk more about them in a sec.

Right before we left we figured out that Bobby is a less active who hasn’t been to church in years which is even cooler. I love bringing people back to church.

Friday afternoon I went to Brother Pickens who is a recent convert and a professional chef!! He helped us make some chili because I wanted to win the ward chili cook off.  After we finished we rushed to the church. When we got there CHRIS and BOBBY were both there, how cool is that! I did indeed win the ward chili cook off which was awesome but the even awesomer part was that Chris and Bobby absolutely loved the Halloween party and asked if they could come to our church on Sunday!  Miracles are happening everywhere.  We haven't even had our first "real" lesson with them yet and they already came to church.  We have our first lesson tonight at 8 and I’m so excited for it I almost cant handle myself.

Saturday we got to split more wood except for this time we got to cut the tree down and split the wood. It was so much fun and all 6 missionary's from my ward were there.

The leaves here are falling and I might as well just start a leaf raking business because raking someone’s leaves is like the best way to get into someone’s door, I love it. 

Sunday was just amazing. It was testimony meeting and I had 2 investigators at church. The spirit was SO strong and I felt like every testimony that was given were perfect for Chris and Bobby. I got to sit by Chris and half way through the meeting I looked over and he was totally tearing up and feeling the spirit.  After every testimony he would basically yell "AMEN"!! I love him.

I wish I had more time because there are so many more miracles that are happening but just know that I am doing great in Ohio and that this church is so true. I love Ohio and Love my ward.  I already consider this my ward family and am excited to see what the next 6 weeks brings.
Don’t forget that I do love packages and letters...778 Elaine road Whitehall Ohio 43213 
I pray for everyone back home everyday!! 

Love Elder Roper

Elder Cutler and I at the greatest Icecream place

Elder Patch and I doing the ice bucket challenge

Best Zone Ever
My Zone Leader Elder Motts from Thatcher AZ, He is a friend of my cousin Tyler Jensen

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