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November 17, 2014

Hello family and friends,

I have no time but will try to fit in as much as I can.

Tuesday was our zones conference day. We met with another zone and President Danes and his wife came and talked to us. It was such an amazing meeting and I learned so much.  President talked about the plan of salvation and answered so many questioned that I had.  He was a huge answer to some of my prayers.  Also during this meeting all of the cars in my zone had a car inspection and the top 3 cars got an award.  And I won FIRST place! haha How crazy is that :) So I got a sweet pen and this little key chain thing for my award.

Wednesday we did a ton of less active work. We learned in our training that whenever we go to a house we should always leave a commitment.  So we left a ton of commitments and are having great success with that!

One experience I will tell you about is there is a family in our ward named the Clarkes.  He went on a mission and they were sealed in the temple. Like 10 Years ago they just decided that the church wasn’t for them and asked that nobody come visit them.  When we got a less active list from our bishop they were on it.  So we stopped by.  He was out back building a chicken coop so I grabbed a hammer and started helping!! We talked with him for a little bit but then he had to run to the store so we had to leave, right before we left he told us to come back the next day and he and his wife would feed us! So obviously we went back, they feed us and then we talked for like an hour and a half.  He is amazing and so fun to talk to. 

Everyone in the ward is so shocked that we were able to even talk to him.  Before we left I asked him some questions about his mission and I think it was bringing back some good memories.  I asked him what his favorite story in the book of Mormon was and he said he like the whole book of Mosiah.  So I challenge him and his wife to read that book and we would come back next week to see how they did.  I am so excited to see how they liked it and am praying that the spirit will guide my comp and I to know how to get them back to church.

Friday was one of the hardest days I’ve had on my mission so far.  All of our appointments feel through, nobody wanted to talk to us and we just did not have any success. That night I got on my knees and pleaded with my father in heaven to just help me know what to do and to have a good next day.
Saturday was one of the greatest days on my mission.  We had a great lesson with Chris and Bobby on the Book of Mormon and right after we left we got a call from my bishop and he said that he had a hole in his roof that needed fixing.  So we ran home and changed. When we were coming back outside I saw my neighbor carrying a bow. I was in my boots and camo shirt and just had to talk to him.

His name is Ed and he is just awesome. We sat in his front yard for a few min and just talked about hunting and stuff.  I guess he goes shooting every Friday night at this range just around the corner from my house. He invited me to go with him and I hope my mission president will let me go. He said we could come back later the next week because he was leaving on a hunt that night and wouldn't be back until next week.

So we ran to the Bishops house and I fixed a hole in his roof while my comp drove their riding lawn mower and mowed up their leaves.

Bishop said his washer was also broken and he ordered the part and would need help putting it in later this week.  I cant wait! I absolutely love my bishop. Right as we were leaving a sister from our ward called and said she needed help with some service racking leaves for a non-member. So we drove to this beautiful house out in the country with a massive yard.  When we pulled up there was about 10 people racking leaves, and a guy on the ground using a chain saw. So I went and talked to him. His name is Bruce and he doesn’t have legs. He is actually the non-member that lived in the house.  By the time we got there the service was almost done but at the end they invited us in to have some hot chocolate. Nobody really stayed to long but my comp and I stayed after and talked to him for like an hour.  He is just so amazing and I have so much respect for him. He asked if we would come back next Saturday and help him cut some trees down, so of course I said yes.  Before we left we talked a little bit about the Book of Mormon and about what the Mormons believe. He is very interested and I cant wait to go back next Saturday and talk more. 

This morning when I woke up we had four inches of snow on the ground.  So I spent all morning shoveling snow for some families. Then at noon we had our zone Thanksgiving feast, It was such a party! 

Life here in Whitehall is freezing but good. I've never experienced a cold like this but I love it!

PS From the Mom...received this text today from a member...

Dear Roper and Brendt families, my name is Sis. Nader. Your sons are serving in our ward. They're amazing missionaries. Wanted to share these with you....the zone leaders asked me last night if I knew how to make a turkey....hhhmmmm been doing it for while. I said YES but my version. It included a brine. They came by last night....made the brine, put bird in...small bird, needed to feed z4 but it was more inline of 14.....oh boy. They showed up this morning and we began the cooking's the results.


I love and pray for you all
Love Elder Roper

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