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December 23, 2014

Hello Hello,

What a week it has been!!
Wednesday I was up in Washington Courthouse, which is the other half of my area! My area is huge and twice a week we go up there to see people! It is a 25 min drive.

This week while we were up there we stopped by Martin and Karen Subers House. Martin was baptized last month and his wife is a chain smoker but is the nicest lady ever!! We were planning on just stopping by to say hi but ended up teaching Karen one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught.  They asked about Fasting and what it was so we got to talk all about that.  With the help of the spirit I had the thought pop into my head that we should all have a fast for Karen and her smoking problem.  She was so amazed that some Elder that she has only meet for 20 min wanted to Not eat for 24 hours and pray for her.  So on Sunday Elder Eldridge and I along with Martin and Karen all fasted for Karen!! It was honestly so easy to fast and I loved doing it for her!! They both came to church and were just as happy as ever to be there and just had a glow about them!! We haven't had a chance to go up and talk to them yet but are planning to go see her tomorrow and want to put her on date in the next week.

It is amazing how the spirit works. Fasting would have been like the last thing that I thought we would have talked about but the spirit knew what to do and because of it she wants to be baptized soon! I Love Teaching with the spirit!!  
I am already out of time (not really I just want to go play basketball with the Amish) But I will try to hurry and tell you more.  Friday the branch went caroling to a bunch of less actives and old folks homes here in town!! I loved this and it reminded me of when I use to work at the beehive home!!

Saturday we were busy trying to contact every less active\part member family in the branch!! I Love working with these family's and am already have success!! Sunday we had 2 families come that haven't come in a long time and this Sunday I think we will have even more!! 

I again am emailing on Tuesday because yesterday we had our mission Devotional\ party.  Because I live so far away we had to leave our apartment by 6 and didn’t get home until 8pm. It was so much fun!! There were a ton of musical numbers along with a gift exchange and several others this!! We also had a minute to win it competition!  I figured out that I have a talent I didn't know I had.  The game was to stand 15 feet away from a partner and have one person throw marshmallows and the other catch them!! Elder patch threw and I caught them! In only a min I caught 45 and won!  Haha It was so much fun!! I loved the devotional part too!! The spirit was so strong! 

May we all make sure that we make time for Christ in our lives this Christmas season! I am so Grateful for this Christmas season and the opportunity I have to go around and share with people the true meaning of Christmas and let the light of Christ shine in them!! 

I love you all!! 

Love Elder Roper

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