Friday, November 20, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hi there everyone!!

I had a fun week with both of my companions. I think i mentioned it last week but we had a mini missionary with us all week! His parents came and picked him on on Saturday and that was the end of his mini mission. It honestly was hard to see him go! Even though we were only together a week we became really good friends and i hope he learned a lot as he served his little mission.

We talked to a lot of people this week!! We did a ton of tracting and tried out some different ways of contacting. The disappointing this is everyone we talk to seems to be fine where they are and they like the church they are going to! Some days the spirit is the only things that keeps us positive and smiling! I Love having the spirit with me. 

My comp was sick on Friday and so me and my mini just had to sit in our house all day long!! This was a long day because i am used to leaving the apartment early and not coming back till late but  luckily we had an i pad and watched every mormon message that the church has come out with!! haha All i can say is dang those little clips are powerful!! ha We did finally end up convincing my comp did come sleep in the car while we moved a member in the ward. So we weren't stuck in the house all day! haha

One thing i started doing this week which i love is now that we have i pads we can listen to all of the recent conference talks. So every morning as i get ready and shower and prepare for the day I listen to recent conference talks. One of my favorite talks from this week was by Elder Bednar about fear!! Often when I am out tracting it is easy to just say thanks and move on to the next door. But He gives us 3 things we can do help us hush our fears! 
1 look to Christ, 2 build upon the foundation of Christ, and 3 press forward with faith in Christ. This helped me a lot this week!

Sometimes the "natural man" in me comes out and when people say that they aren't interested it is easy for me to just say thank you and walk away. But we learn in PMG not to do that! We still need to be polite but we also need to be bold and loving and always testify. I am striving even harder each day to always make Christ the center of my life.

Yesterday i had kind of a cool experience. My comp and i are teaching this family and helping them set a temple date where they can be sealed. We felt that we needed to teach the plan of salvation because we learn a lot about that in the temple. So we went and had dinner with them and then started into our lesson. I honestly dont think i have ever had a lesson "flow" so well. My comp and i said a prayer before we went in that we could have the spirit with us and teach in unity and dang did we ever!! Everything just seemed to go perfect and the spirit was so strong!! I know that the power of prayer is real!! This past week wasn't really that easy for me but i have been praying more than i ever have and each and every time i pray my prayer gets answered and i feel that i am getting closer to Christ!  I am learning that if i ever have a problem to just pray and everything will work out!

I love you all, thanks for everything!

Love Elder Roper

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