Friday, November 20, 2015

May 5, 2015

Hey family,

This was a crazy week and a little disappointing.  We had to go to Columbus 3 different times and that always takes up so much time.  My comp and I have started parking our car more and walking and riding our bikes.  It is always sad for me to be driving and passing all of the people that I could be talking to and tell them about how the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth.

We had a zone meeting on Wednesday and  this Wednesday we have another one. This month is going to be a crazy one.  We got news that we will be getting iPads at the beginning of next month and will have a lot of training this month to prepare for them.

My investigators are all progressing very wel.  We have started teaching Misty’s mom and she will be at church this week.  It has been a little weird at church lately because 2 weeks ago we had a broadcast and last week we had Stake Conference but luckily our investigators area still coming.

My companion and I are realizing that in everything we do our attitudes and efforts are the only things we can control.  So this week that is what we have been working on.  President Monson said that "So much in life depends on our ATTITUDE”. The way we chose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference.  We all have hard times and difficult situations but if we can always keep a good attitude and give it our all then everything will work out.  I love my mission and am so excited for the warm weather because people are finally starting to come out of their houses! 
On Saturday we went mushroom hunting with Randy and Misty.  I guess that is a big thing our here.  Ha-ha we basically went into the wood and walked around and looked for mushrooms then went home and fried them up.  I don’t even like mushrooms but I guess the lord has blessed me with no taste buds while I’m out here because I didn’t even make a face as I ate them! ha-ha. 

Thanks for everything! 
Make it a great week!!  
Love Elder Roper

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