Thursday, November 19, 2015

February 17, 2015

Well I had a fabulous week and am now exhausted. 
I will try to type fast but yesterday the library was closed so we couldn’t get on.

Wednesday we were once again in Columbus for a zone conference with our Mission President.  It was such an amazing meeting.  It was all about having faith in finding and then we learned about how to do a 1 minute contact on the street and the 7 things that should be in that contact.  We did role-play after role-play to practice this.
Also at these meeting our car person comes and inspects our cars and then they do the clean car award. This time they decided to do things a little different and the winner of the zone gets to pick any car that they want.  So once again my comp and I won the cleanest car award and got to pick whatever car we wanted.  So during lunch we got to go out and look at all of the cars and decide which one we wanted to take home. ha The worst part about all of this is that all of the jeeps and trucks aren't in my zone so we couldn’t take one of those.  We picked a brand new 2015 ford fusion and then they knew how much we want a four wheel drive vehicle so they said maybe next month they will let us take home the Chevy truck:) hah.

But anyways the meeting was so good. It is amazing how much stuff is in PMG that we all just read over and don’t really recognize is there.  After we learned all of these new skills he had us set goals about contacting people that we could accomplish in 24 hours.  So every companionship got together and we all decided goals that we thought we could do in our areas then we had to call out what the lord wanted us to accomplish so everyone could hear and then they wrote in out on the board.
President then told us that on Friday we would have another meeting and come back and return and report.  So we ended with a prayer and headed back down to Greenfield.

Thursday was just a crazy fantastic exhausting day.  We seriously were talking to EVERYONE to try and reached our goals that we had set.  At 9 a clock we were still out talking to people even though it was crazy cold.

Friday we woke at 5AM and crammed in this members 2 seater truck and drove to Columbus for the meeting.  We did in fact reached our goal and have a ton of new potential investigators that we are going to start teaching this week.  It was so fun to know that all of the missionaries in our zone were out trying to talk to everyone as well.  That night as we were driving to our dinner appointment we saw this car in a ditch on the side of the road so we decided to stop and try and help them and get there number, ha-ha.  So somehow and with some angels help we seriously like lifted this guys car out of the ditch and were able to get him on the road going again.  His name is Kevin and we did in fact get his number and are going to meet with him tomorrow night.

Saturday was just awesome.  Karen Suber did get baptized!  Satan tried SO hard this week to not let her get baptized.  Like seriously though her husband Martin who is a recent convert went into a mental hospital for stress and then on Saturday it snowed a ton and some of the members wanted to cancel it but we said no way.  ha even with all of that going on she still got baptized.  It was an amazing baptism.  I have never seen someone so happy.  She came out of the water crying with tears of joy and with a smile on her face she said/yelled "WOW, That Was Awesome!" ha-ha I love Karen.

Sunday we got permission to go see Martin in this stress hospital.  He is doing awesome and is still his same old happy smiling self.  I really don’t know why he is in there but he should get out later this week.

I have to go but I hope you all had an amazing week.  Remember with faith we can do anything and everything.  All we need is that tiny seed in our heart for the lord to work on.

Love Elder Roper
Drove by this and had to take a picture

Some sweet cookies a member made for us

Karen Suber's Baptism

Elk chandelier we hung in the Halls home

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