Thursday, November 19, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hello again family,

What a week this was.  Time just seems to fly by and I honestly can't believe that it is Monday again.  I forgot to write down notes about what I did this week but I will try to remember some things.

Things here in Greenfield are great.  We stay crazy busy which is good because my comp is really trunkey. 
So Karen hasn't smoked in a week.  We had her interview on Wednesday and she is planning to be baptized this Saturday.  She is so ready and I love listening to her share her testimony.  She is so amazing and I am so excited for her to finally be baptized.

We started teaching this part member family this week named the Carson’s.  He is a returned missionary and hasn't come to church in years.  She is a member of the RLDS church or the Church of Christ.  They have 3 young kids and are just awesome but SO hard to teach.  The reason that she is hard to teach is because they basically believe everything that we do.  They read there version of the book of Mormon and have what they think is the priesthood.  I guess one of the big differences is that their prophet is a girl.  Ha-ha but on Sunday they surprisingly came to church.  Everyone in the Branch is basically family so the branch wasn't shocked at all to see them there.  But we were sure happy that they came. Hopefully we can help her feel the spirit and she can know that there is only one true church.

Our mission president gave us a challenge last week to read 6 pages of the Book of Mormon a day and to underline any name that refers to Christ and anytime that he speaks.  I have loved doing this and love this book.  One thing that I learned this week is about how true this book is.  I love reading about it in PMG or reading stories about how it came about. The Book of Mormon really is the most true book on earth and I love going around and talking with people about it.  I think I have said this before but there really is such a power that comes when we read this book.

I hope everything is good, 
Love Elder Roper

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