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December 1, 2014

Hello family and friends,

Today has been crazy and I hardly have anytime to write but I had an incredible week and will try to fit it all in! 
Wednesday we had a specialize training with a few zones in the mission.  It wasn't on the calendar and none of us knew what it was about. The training was all about an initiative that the church came out with for the wonderful time of year.  It was all on the new website  This website is amazing and the video that the church came out with called "He is the gift" is so awesome! Everyone should watch it.  So basically the church is spending a lot of money doing the "air" work and the missionary's and the members are doing the "ground" work. They gave us each a ton of these new sweet pass along cards to give away.  You also got 9 of these in the December ensign.  I would invite/challenge all of you who read this to pass out all of the 9 cards you got to friends who might want to hear a little message about Jesus Christ.  I loved this and it has definitely helped the work here. It is amazing how much more receptive people are to us and the message we share this time of year

The Christmas spirit is here and I love waking up each morning and listening to Christmas music as I get ready each day! (Feel free to send me your favorite cd ha-ha)  Also my mission is having a Christmas devotional and with that we are having a mission choir which for some reason I decided to participate in!  So I got to go an hour early to this training for our first mission choir practice! It was fun and I don't think any of us know how to sing! #sharethegift
Thursday was wonderful!! My companion and I got invited to 4 dinners!  I had to politely cancel 2 of those because I didn’t want to die! Eating at 2 was crazy hard and I still feel a little fat.  I have never eaten that much food in my whole life!  But I loved Thanksgiving and it was so fun to experience Thanksgiving with people in Ohio.

Saturday was straight crazy and time went by so fast. We got up early to go to the church to help set up a wedding for a less active lady in our ward and her husband.

The other elders in my ward have been teaching her husband and he is getting baptize next week with James, my investigator, but in order for him to get baptize they needed to be married so we kind of threw it all together last min and the missionary's pulled off our first successful wedding! ha It was great.  After we finished cleaning up that wedding my companion and I went to a wedding reception for some new friends of mine out here!  He (Luke) is from Utah and she (Ashley) is from here. Ashley has lived in my ward since I got here and they were married in the Columbus temple! The house I painted Ohio state colors last week was Ashley moms house.  They are just awesome and they have taken us out to dinner several times and are just good friends!

The reception was awesome and I sat next to a guy from American Fork Utah that served his mission out here and now lives here with his family. It is amazing for me to watch the lord put people in my path every day! Some are for me to teach and some are just there to brighten my day and to remind me that the lord is aware of me.

Sunday was great as well. The 3 hour of church was combined and the bishop taught us all about family History.  But later that night we got to go to our mission open house which is where we can bring and investigator or new member family to our mission presidents house so that they can meet him. 7 of us (me and my comp and 5 of the Crouse family) piled into the Crouse little 5 seater car and drove to the president’s house.  It was so much fun to be there and to see all of my old MTC friends and their investigators.

James is still on date for Saturday and I cant wait to tell you all about his baptism!
I am sorry this letter was short and didn’t talk much about my investigators. 
Hopefully someday I will become a good letter writer! ha 
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Love Elder Roper

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